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Welcome to Kroon Vee

You can only know where you're going, if you know where you're coming from.  In 1972, Kroon Vee was established by Jan van Zyl and commenced in the breeding of Brahmans.  The aim in our breeding program is to develop our cattle under extensive circumstances in semi-arid and arid areas. The cattle are in a scientific breeding program to ensure a tame, field hardened, fertile product that can be managed hassle free. You also gain economical meat production which leaves no compromising for adaptability, temperament, fertility, milk and growth. Today we are harvesting the fruits of many years of dedicated breeding, commitment and our love for the cattle, nature and God.






Jan & Marnel van Zyl

+27 (0)82 944 0500


Gideon & Rodien van Zyl

+27 (0)82 944 0600


Jan Snr & Irma van Zyl

+27 (0)82 444 5222

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